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Why members choose Leisure World Health Club?


Why previous members come back to Leisure World Health Club?


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"I am a single mom with three kids.  You want to talk about stress!  I joined Leisure World because of the family swim for my kids, but I found so many things for myself too.  After meeting with a personal trainer I realized that it wasn't selfish for me to exercise, but it would actually be beneficial for my entire family because it would improve my health and keep me energized.  It's great, I can put my kids in the childcare and have an hour to myself.  I even can get a mini-spa treatment when I just take 10 minutes to unwind in the sauna.  I am so much more pleasant and stress free."

- Chanda Ahlers  9 months


Body shape/toning

"I've never been over weight, and I could always eat what I wanted to.  I didn't exercise.  I was skinny, I didn't need it.  But my doctor said that I needed to straighten up my eating and start working out.  When I joined Leisure World I figured since I was here, I should give it my 110%.  I got on an excellent program with a trainer working with freeweights and some cardio to keep my body fat down and my heart in shape.  With in weeks I noticed more muscle definition in my abs.  Now, I have competed in 2 amateur figure competitions and I'm loving every minute of it.  I love having defined lean long muscles.  It really makes me feel great when I look into a mirror."

- Cindi Watson, member 3 years


Sr. Citizen:

"I lost my husband almost two years ago and I have been very lonely.  I joined Leisure World with the hopes of meeting some people.  I started walking in the pool every morning, and sure enough, I have made a whole group of new friends!  Not only do I have an array of companions, my doctor said I'm in excellent health and my joints have never felt better."

- Ida Flannigan  1 1/2 years


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