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40 Treadmills


Walking is the easiest aerobic-conditioning activity, and is perferred because of it's low injury rate and it's relatively simple.

Nearly anyone can have significant health benefits from walking and running.

Walking is low impact and can be maintained in long sessions without injury.


Walking, jogging, and running can increase oxygen intake, improve body composition, reduce risk for coronary, increase bone strength, and enhance psychological well-being.

Jogging and brisk walking have been shown to help reduce the risk for developing osteoporosis, and even help stop further progress of the condition.

Heart rate monitors.

2 Built-in fans on each machine.


Jogging & Running are superb cardiovascular endurance activities.

Emergency stop buttons on each machine.

Shock absorbent track that is easy on the knees and joints.

Safe environment - no traffic, no worry of weather.

Preset programs to add variety and challenge to your workout.

Helps to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics who exercise regularly.

Accommodates reading material and sports/water bottles.

Display window with 200 meter track visual, calories, time, and distance.



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