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Why members choose Leisure World Health Club?


Why previous members come back to Leisure World Health Club?


Why Members Come Back


"I thought I was too busy, so I cancelled my membership.  But then I started to get sick all the time.  My doctor said that exercise helped the immune system.  So I decided to come back to Lesiure World.  That was the smartest move I have ever made!  And my body thanks me!"

- Roseann Clark   Back for 1 year



"I didn't realize how important only 30 minutes of excercise a day was until I quit working out.  I gained 20 pounds in 3 months!!  Now I'm back exercising daily and I've lost 30 pounds and in the best shape of my life!"

- Abby Simmons back for 3 years


"I moved away because of work and had to leave Leisure World.  That was so hard because of all the relationships I had formed.  But thankfully, I'm back living in Bethalto.  My first day back in town I was back up at Leisure World!"

- Joe Christian  Back for 6 months



"I had to have multiple surgeries on my knees, so I had to stop my membership for a short time.  Then after I was released, my doctor gave me some exercises that would help me regain my strength.  The personal trainers at Leisure World helped me by demonstrating the exercises and walking me through them.  Now I have more energy than ever, and have actually ran a 5K race!"

- Ester Hall   Back for 4 years


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