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Why members choose Leisure World Health Club?


Why previous members come back to Leisure World Health Club?



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Sr. Citizen or Aerobics:

"I had a double hip replacement 7 years ago.  After the surgery I wasn't able to bend or move and tying my shoe was impossible.  But I started attending the Arthritis Class in the pool and worked my way up to using the ellipticals two-times per week.  After a few months I felt 10 years younger, and now I can even tie my shoes!"

- Don Raymer  6 year member



"I was tired of being the skinny little guy.  I would work out at home with some barbells that I had, but that just wasn't enough.  I wanted to put on mass and gain strength.  My friend brought me to Leisure World with him to work out.  I loved it and felt great the next day, so I decided to join.  With in the past few months I have gained 25 lbs of lean muscle, and in the last 6 weeks my bench has gone up 30 pounds!  Being in a club environment with others to help push and encourage me is what really made the difference."

 - Toby Hack, member 2 years


Weight loss

"After my first child I had lost most of the weight with the exception of 10 pounds.  Then my second child came, and within a 2 years after his birth I had added 35 pounds.  I knew I was gaining, but I didn't want to commit myself to anything.  Then one day I was playing with my children, and I was out of breath just from walking back and forth in my own living room! I joined Leisure World thinking it wouldn't work.  But I started the Kickboxing classes and I really started to notice a difference.  Not only was weight falling off like crazy, but my confidence was up and I was full of energy.  I have lost 50 pounds total, I have sculpted my arms and butt, and no my kids can't keep up with me!"

- Kerry Pate, member 5 years

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